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UDOIT have extensive experience in delivering street dance as part of school holiday camps for local councils.


We regularly deliver in the HAF programme camps that are set up across the country. 

Our camps that cover a whole days delivery consists of the following over the holiday duration.

- Prime focus on enjoyment whilst covering the basic foundations of street dance.

- Work on skills such as musicality/ co- ordination/ creativity/ teamwork/ leadership/ resilience

- Learn the foundations of street dance styles such as hip hop, breaking, locking, popping, waacking and house.

- Creative tasks working in pairs/ groups and as soloists

- Fun games that encourage increasing confidence, motivation and Street Dance knowledge

- Mini showcases that help the young people involved practice the skills they have learnt throughout the day

- Performances to other staff, parents, community members and other young people that demonstrates the skills and confidence they have developed throughout the camp

- Building relationships with the local street dance school should they wish to continue dancing after the camp

We can create camps bespoke to your needs, please get in touch if you would like street dance at your holiday camp.

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