Case Studies

I AM- Mental Health Movement Pilot

In partnership with the Big Dance Company, pupils are shown the movie which highlights how you don't know what other people are going through behind closed doors, and how hurt people can hurt others. The content of the movie raises awareness and highlights the effects and of drugs , eating disorders, teen pregnancy, domestic abuse, self harm, bullying, underage drinking, spiking, sexuality, social media addiction & suicide.
The I AM 1 day programme will be mentoring, leading and developing young people at school on how to use
movement and music to tackle their own issues that they might be going through. By bringing these conversations to the dancefloor we can take away the need for words if they do not feel comfortable talking about their problems and help young people voice and express their feelings. When they feel more confident to discuss their challenges and understand the consequences of bullying, this will help them to see that there is always a choice.
This programme is aimed at young people in secondary school aged year 8+.

The pilot featured in this video, was trialled with 2 groups over 2 days at West Monmouth School in Torfaen.