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Street Dance Satellite Clubs & Engagement Sessions with UDOIT!

Our satellite clubs programme has been trialled and tested over the last 5 years and has proven very succesful in both England & Wales to increase street dance opportunities in communities via academic schools.


Our taster sessions give every young personl the equal start of trying street dance in an environment that is safe & comfortable to them and brings down barriers to participation by bringing the activity to their PE lesson in school.

A typical satellite clubs programme with us looks like:

- 4 weeks of engagement sessions (1 per week)

- 8 weeks of the club (afterschool club / linked to community venue)

Additional engagement sessions for other year groups can be arranged.

Our satellite club programme has been used for targeted interventions such as inspiring girls / boys only street dance.

Engagement sessions

Are you a group/ organisation that would like to experience the benefit of street dance for your young people? 

Do you have an event where your engaging large numbers of young people in physical activity and would like street dance to be part of that offer? 

We can provide 1 off sessions, taster days or work with your existing provision to provide street dance to more young people. 

Let’s Work Together

Get in touch so we can start working together.

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