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A day celebrating all things dance!

Packed with even more ways to be inclusive, inspire more people & creating more fun!

The PARTICIP8 Series is a platform to celebrate all things street dance from UDOIT Dance Foundation.

Featuring the National Schools Dance Competition, Showcase opportunities from UDOIT Programmes, Workshops, Training & more! Read more below....

Particip8 Series

UDOIT Dance Foundation aim to make street dance accessible for all, so we looked at the National Schools Championships day and thought of how we could make it more appealing for more people to attend, & maximise the day to its full potential.

We wanted to evolve what is already an amazing day & create it a celebration of all things street dance.

This includes:

- Showcase the impact of our other programmes (Street dance for seniors, Anti social behaviour project, IAM mental health movement, Satellite clubs etc)

- Opportunities to learn (leadership courses, training for new deliverers, workshops for everyone)

- Opportunity for those who like to Compete (national schools dance competition)

- Opportunity to network (partner organisations can come learn what we do and how we can work together)

Taking away the pressure of qualifying for a final, we have now made each National Schools 'Open', so every team can have the experience of competing around the UK against other regions without the wonder of if your going to qualify!

Why the change?

We work across Wales & England in various localities, and a lot of schools and communities we work with are areas of deprivation which has lots of young people who lack the confidence & self esteem to want to compete. This way we have a platform for all, to come and enjoy the day in which ever way is best for you; whether its just to showcase a routine you have been working on in a UDOIT club, take part in workshops & watch the competition, come to see the impact of the UDOIT Programmes before rolling out one in your school- the list goes on! 

Information on the National Schools Competition element is as it has been in previous years and is listed below, more information about the other opportunities on the day will be released in due course.

National Schools Dance Competition

The U DO IT! National Schools Dance Championships offer a fantastic opportunity for dancers from academic schools to showcase their talent through platforms they may not have had access to previously.

Dancers are encouraged to participate in workshops with a framework that promotes realistic and measurable goals, from a wide range of dance styles taught by industry professionals.

The Championships are presented by U DO IT! Dance Foundation, a charity that works in partnership with Sport Wales, Sport England & UDO, to provide all-inclusive dance programmes to children and young people of all ages and backgrounds across the UK.

The Championships are aligned with, and representative of, U DO IT! Dance Foundation’s mission and objectives. Recognising that dancers and potential dancers from both primary and secondary education do not have as many opportunities to showcase their personal best, express themselves and/or compete.


Rules & Regulations

Judging Criteria- Click Here

Competitor entry fee £10 per person

Spectator entry fee of £5 per person

All tickets are non refundable, however they can transfer to another Particip8 event that is happening within the same year. 

Age Divisions:
Primary (years 3-6),
Junior (years 7-9),
Senior (years 10-13/college).


- All Style (For any other style of dance that doesn’t fall into streetdance. For example: Jazz, Contemporary, Ballet, Musical Theatre, Cheer routines would be entered in all style.
- Street Dance (Hip Hop, Popping, Locking, Waacking, Breaking, House, Dance hall, Vogueing, Commercial, Urban Choreography)

(Please get in touch with us if you are confused which category you should enter. Alternatively if the Judges feel like your routine sits better in a different category, they will score you in the most appropriate category for your routine) 


  • Each team will need to complete a team registration form, this can be found at via the Particip8 series page

  • Each team MUST be named. We would encourage creativity rather than the name of the school.

  • IMPORTANT: Each team will need a dedicated member of staff to supervise on the day – the details for this person must be included on the registration form.

  • Teams will be split into three age categories:
    PRIMARY: Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 JUNIORS: Years 7–9 SENIORS: Years 10–13 / College students

  • Each school can enter TWO teams only per age division & style (example- 2 junior street, 2 x junior all style, 2 x senior street, 2 x senior all style) to ensure that we can get more schools represented at the event.

  • A team can consist of minimum 4 dancers, and a maximum of 25 dancers.

  •  All dancers must be from the same academic school.

  • This is a competition for Academic Schools or Colleges only, not for dance schools.

  • A group must compete in the age category of the majority of the dancers, i.e. if there are 6 dancers in a group and 4 of them are Year 11, one Year 8 and one Year 7, then they must dance in the Senior category: Years 10–13.

  • The length of the routine can be no longer than 2 minutes 30 seconds. If the music goes on longer than this the team will be penalised.

  • Music can be a mix of more than one track.

  • Inappropriate language is not permitted- any teams who go against this rule will be penalised.

  • Music will need to be uploaded via the link that will be sent out to you after registration closes, this must be in before the event - (Please bring a back up copy of your music on a memory stick/ iPad/ phone/ cd)

  • Acrobatic moves may be used if you wish but, if deemed to be unsafe, groups will be penalised.

  • A dancer cannot compete in more than one group of the same category, i.e. a dancer cannot dance in two street dance teams.

  • Props may be used, but must be safe and dancers must be in control when using them.

  • Chalk/ Glitter/ Water or any other prop that can cause damage or inconvenience to the dance floor is not allowed, any teams including anything like this within your dance you will be penalised.

  • Costumes are optional – please note that you will be judged purely on your dance, choreography, and performance.

  • Age appropriate clothing is essential.

  • Age appropriate movement is essential.

2024 Dates

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