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The UDOIT Dance Foundation has received funding from the Youth Justice Sports Fund/Street Games to give young people a positive street dance experience and training whilst addressing & educating issues which are current to young people.

We are opening this opportunity across MK to create referral pathways to organisations & agencies to suggest young people that they feel would benefit from this.

The above sessions will target children & young people from ages 10-17 in small groups after school or in an afternoon (if on a part-time timetable) at the YMCA in Central Milton Keynes.


Street dance will be at the heart of our delivery as well as a collaboration of our main programs which will include;


*ASB - Knife Crime, Gangs, Broken window syndrome, county lines.

*I AM Mental Health Movement.

*ConfiDance & Streetdance Leadership


We do have limited availability for students to attend and all transportation will be arranged by the charity.

Delivery of this program is ongoing for 12 weeks and referrals are open at present. 

For more information please contact: 

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