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Satellite Clubs

Our satellite clubs programme has been trialled and tested over the last 6 years and has proven very successful in both England & Wales to increase street dance opportunities in communities via academic schools. Our taster sessions give every pupil the equal start of trying street dance in an environment that is safe & comfortable to them and brings down barriers to participation by bringing the activity to their PE lesson in school

Leadership & Training

We understand the importance of providing different progression pathways as every dancers journey will be different. We have training available for those who just want to start their leadership journey and for those who want to be certified for the leadership work they are already doing.

This includes:

-  Street Dance Activators 

- UDOIT Street Dance leadership training

Level 1/ Level 2 / Level 3* 

- Sports Coach/ Teacher training

-  Volunteering opportunities 


The PARTICIP8 Series is a platform to celebrate all things street dance from UDOIT Dance Foundation.

Featuring the National Schools Dance Competition, Showcase opportunities from UDOIT Programmes, Workshops, Networking & more!

This is a 1 day event held during the school day.


We have recognised that the pandemic has had a great affect on childrens confidence and motivation levels from having 2 years with little opportunities to develop their skills. This course is focussed on working with children in primary schools in their school environment to use dance to help with their confidence, self esteem and any anxiety issues they maybe facing, through positive street dance activity.

I AM- Mental Health Movement

The I AM 1 day programme will be mentoring, leading and developing young people at school on how to use movement and music to tackle their own issues that they might be going through. By bringing these conversations to the dancefloor we can take away the need for words if they do not feel comfortable talking about their problems and help young people voice and express their feelings. When they feel more confident to discuss their challenges and understand the consequences of bullying, this will help them to see that there is always a choice.

United We Dance-
Anti Social Behaviour Project

  • Increasing access to aspirational and positive street dance activities to engage disadvantaged young people at risk of anti-social behavior and youth crime.

  • Educating young people on the different types of anti-social behaviour/ crime and the impacts it can have on their community.

  • Use street dance as a tool to build essential skills e.g. teamwork, positive communication, respect, confidence, and self-esteem.

  • Provide a safe and nurturing space in which young people will be supported to improve their physical and emotional wellbeing

Senior street dance

UDOIT Dance Foundation know and understand the power Street Dance can have on physical and mental health, our Senior Street dance programme allows us to harness the opportunity to enrich the lives of older adults through the power of Street Dance.

Giving older adults a positive experience of Street Dance that is tailored to their needs and abilities in the comfort of their setting whether this be at their residential care home, day centre, community centre or at home through online services.

Holiday Camps

UDOIT have extensive experience in delivering street dance as part of school holiday camps for local councils. We regularly deliver for the HAF project providing children on free school meals receive food & exercise during the school holidays.

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