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UDOIT Dance Foundation want to ensure that everyone has the chance to experience dance and the power it has on physical / mental/ social/ emotional health and well being.

We have worked hard with partner organisations to create bespoke projects that use dance to help with issues that people maybe facing. 

I AM mental health movement - Mental health programme created by The Big Dance Company, created for young people who are experiencing ill mental health/ confidence issues.
ConfiDance course- Mental health course created by StreetFunk for children in primary school who could benefit from the inspiration and self confidence dance gives them.
Senior Street Dance- Street dance for over 60's including those living in residential care homes, to increase physical activity & social inclusion through street dance.
United we Dance- Street dance programme for those young people involved with Anti Social Behaviour. Helping young people take a more positive path.

We are looking for dance teachers who believe they could make a difference to people's lives through delivering these programmes with us in the areas that need it the most.

More detail on each of the programmes we are recruiting staff for:

I AM- Mental Health Movement

Aimed at pupils in school year 8+ who are hand selected by the school fitting the criteria to benefit from this course. 
The programme is delivered during 1 school day. 

Programme context:

Before the practical aspect of the programme, The pupils will watch a 45 minute movie created by BDC. The content of the movie raises awareness and highlights the effects and of drugs , eating disorders, teen pregnancy, domestic abuse, self harm, bullying, underage drinking, spiking, sexuality, social media addiction & suicide. A very powerful movie that is all demonstrated through the medium of dance. The movie has been approved advised for year 8+ and must have parental consent.

The 1 day programme will be mentoring, leading and developing young people through dance at school on how to use movement and music to tackle their own issues that they might be going through. By bringing these conversations to the dancefloor we can take away the need for words if they do not feel comfortable talking about their problems and help young people voice and express their feelings. When they feel more confident to discuss their challenges and understand the consequences of bullying, this will help them to see that there is always a choice.

To deliver this programme, we are looking for confident and experienced individuals who feel they can help young people who maybe experiencing ill mental health through this programme and the medium of dance.

Staff Selection & Training
We are looking to get this programme out to as many schools as we can across England & Wales as the message is so important and needed for young people today.
In order to do this we need the right staff who can successfully deliver the programme to a high standard.
Staff will need to apply to be considered for this role due to the sensitivity of the programme we have to ensure that the correct individuals are in place.

It will be essential for the staff to go through the full training in order to work with us on this project.
This training will be in person which you will be required to travel to Coventry for.

Potential upcoming training date: (*TO BE CONFIRMED*)

Thursday 30th June- Training with Fiona  in Coventry

UDOIT will pay some travel expense. You will not be paid for the training, but will then have the fee for delivering the programme once you are trained. 
These details are to be confirmed. 

To be considered you must:
- Have years of experience teaching dance/street dance 
- Age 25+

- Have an enhanced DBS
- Safeguarding trained or willing to go on the training prior to programme start dates (online)
Confident & Professional

- Patient & empathetic

- Great listener

- Positive & Motivating

- Ability to ask questions to promote conversation

Practical delivery needs:

- Ability to create movement that represents a story/ emotions/ feelings
Confident in facilitating activities/ sessions that uses dance that represents a story/ emotions/ feelings
Able to choreograph and select appropriate music prior to the course

You will be working with UDOIT on a self employed/ freelance basis 

If you would like to be considered for working with us on this project, please email if you are based in England and if you are based in Wales, outlining how you would be suitable to work with us on our specialised programmes 


Street Dance for Seniors



UDOIT Dance Foundation recognises the importance of positive Street Dance opportunities for all ages and abilities. There is significant research that dance is great for the elderley due to its invaluable benefits for people’s physical health, mental health , social inclusion & community integration. We want to trial a Street Dance programme that is tailored specifically to senior citizens who are either living in residential care homes or attend a community group for over 60's fitness or Alzheimers support. Giving them the opportunity to have a fun activity brought to them in an environment comfortable to them that not only gets them active but brings joy and happiness to their day.

We have worked with Tara to create this programme based on her experience in already delivering dance to seniors.


Training for delivering this programme is essential and is done so online via Zoom. (Date not confirmed)
​You will receive videos of the choreography to deliver for this programme including the set playlist to work off.

You won't be paid for the training day however you will be paid for the sessions you deliver with us.


You will be working with UDOIT on a self employed/ freelance basis


​If you feel that you could make a difference to over 60's lives through street dance and would like to be considered for the training to work with us, please email if based in England and if based in Wales.