Whats a Satellite Club

Satellite clubs provide opportunities to take part regularly in street dance through the creation of enjoyable, convenient club opportunities for young people that are designed around their needs and provide a positive experience of being active.

Our satellite clubs programme bridges the gap between the school gates & community provision.

By engaging with the young people in an environment that's safe & accessible for them, we can build up their confidence & motivation through a structured street dance programme that is tailored to the young people's needs. 

Satellite Club Programme Aims:  

  1. To connect inactive and disadvantaged young people with their local street dance providers through their school or local community venue. 
  2. To inspire children & young people to engage in street dance activity for a sustained period of time by changing negative attitudes towards being active and by removing barriers to participation. 
  3. To improve the quality of grassroots street dance provision in England and Wales by providing CPD, guidance and access to UDO events and expertise. 
  4. To ensure children & young people are able to progress beyond the grassroots offer by signposting to our leadership programmes, volunteering opportunities and competitions.  

Outcomes of the programme:

1. More children & young people in England and Wales taking part in street dance or other forms of physical activity more regular and outside of school. 
A better connected and higher quality grassroots street dance offer that is accessible for all young people and provides opportunities for sustained engagement and progression