Which pathway will you take?

Volunteering within the streetdance world, there are lots of roles to chose from 

Event Volunteer

Volunteers at UDO / UDOIT Events throughout the year such as Regionals, National Schools, Encore, British, European & World Championships.

Roles would include:

  • Stewarding
  • Registration
  • Contest co-ordinating
  • Social media
  • Film/photography
  • Merchandise
  • Fundraising
  • Catering

Find out more about UDO events here : www.udostreetdance.com 

Satellite Club Volunteer

There are a variety of roles a Volunteer can do to support the organisation, delivery and promotion of street dance. These include:

  • Social Media Manager (Co-ordinate the social media for your school/community/ organisation to attract new participants, share good news stories , raise the profile of street dance)
  • Club Managers/ Admin Assistant- (Manage the club where street dance takes place, takes registrations, logs participation numbers & arranges the timetable)
  • Photographer/ Film maker (Takes photographes or produces a film promoting the club street dance activity)

Satellite club lists are available on request, alternatively if you have a club you would like to make into a UDOIT satellite club- please get in touch. 

Dance Leader

The people that want to lead and assist others to participate in dance within a school/ dance school or community setting. By undertaking leadership awards and qualifications the leader will gain valuable and transferable life and employability skills like communication, organisation, problem solving and working as part of a team.

Streetdance Young Ambassador

Be a role model to others by promoting the benefits of being active through streetdance. Be the voice for young people and inspire others to get involved.