Ty’s Road to World Journey Continues



Ty and Judges Six Nations


Ty came to UDO Six Nations 2016 last weekend where he was continuing his Road to Worlds Journey! He came with his Dance School and his family – and yes his Dad danced as well! 

Ty danced in Groups, Solos, Duos and Battles and guess what? He came 2nd in his Solo (Dad came 4th in his!) and 1st in his Duo with his partner Elizabeth Layne! 

Ty also danced in Under 16 Battles – where lots of the dancers are in their teens so Ty did an awesome job just getting up there and doing his thing! 


Ty is now working hard training and increasing his knowledge so he is ready for is next events and for Worlds 2017! Keep checking back to see what he is up to! 

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