Step Up South Wales 2016

Saturday 25th June saw the first ever Step Up South Wales event! After 6 months of our #udoit prgramme running (funded by Sport Wales) we hosted a showcase event to give all of the dancers a chance of their very first performance! We had the fantastic Kane Silver, Leighton Wall and Gregory Sage Judge the event and we had groups and solos competing to be champions! It was fanatastic to think these young people were not even dancing 6 months ago and now they are hooked for life! Royalty Crew from Rhymney Comprehensive school were the group winners and are the current “STEP UP SOUTH WALES 2016 CHAMPIONS” – who will take home 2017??#

Natalie who teaches the sessions in Rhymney Comprehensive School and Alway Community Centre said:

“Apart from one girl none of the young people have danced before. Their attendance was sporadic but as soon as we set an event to work towards they attended regularly and became more engaged as they wanted to win! They could not wait to pick their team names and see what the other dancers were doing!”. 

Lucy who teaches at the Civil Service Centre in Newport said:

“It was really difficult to engage with some of the older boys at the youth club, they thought dance was for girls. After a few weeks though they started to ask me to play different tracks and if I knew different steps. Now they frequently take over the class battling each other and free styling! I am so proud of them today, one of them even placed in solos too!”

Image 13Royalty Step Up South Wales Champions 2016!

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These first time dancers even had a go at solos!! The teachers were amazed when they got up to have a go! Top work dancers!

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We cannot wait to see what the next 6 months has in store for #udoit in South Wales – we know it is going to be HUGE!