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Hello! Welcome to our brand new blog!

We are UDOIT Dance Foundation, The Charity of UDO – The largest Street dance events organisation. Founded in 2014, We are continuously providing opportunities for the UK’s aspiring, underprivileged and disabled dancers through the powers of Street Dance. We have a prime focus on inclusivity, and we aim to inspire, engage, and empower young people through participation and leadership opportunities. 

About us…

Here at UDOIT, We used to post regular blogs to keep you all up to date with our work.. AND WE’RE BACK!!

But first, We just wanted to give you all an insight into what we actually do and to also establish the benefits of street dance to young people. Dance is something that people can do anywhere, whether its in a club, in a dance class or even in your bedroom! – Yes, we are all guilty of it! 
We wanted to push these boundaries of the four walls of a bedroom, and offer everyone and anyone regardless of age, ability or previous experience to get involved in a sport which is creative and fun… So please, keep on reading to find out more about the fantastic opportunities we have for practically ANYONE…Including you.

In Wales alone, we are currently running over 10 classes a week from Community Centres to High Schools with ages from as young at 2 to as old as 18! (Not that 18 is old at all). These classes are targeted at those who have never been involved in Street Dance before and would love to get engaged, but unfortunately do not have the access to facilities, money or travel to these classes. So, we go to them! 

To run these classes, We have been working in partnership with UDO, Sport Wales and Sport England and other partners such as StreetGames, the Youth Sport Trust, the Premier League, County Sports Partnerships – and more importantly, local dance schools – we take StreetDance to those in deprived areas, those who are inactive and not engaged by traditional sports and or who can’t access dance opportunities. 


For more information about National Schools, visit the link below…

As well as Weekly dance classes, There are many other experiences that UDOIT have to offer those in deprivation, these include…

  • Welsh & UK National Schools Dance Championships
  • Dance Leaders Courses (Level 1 & 2)
  • Engagement Sessions across the UK
  • Working with UDO Academy to offer Street Dance Foundations course & UDO Syllabus training.
  • Road To Worlds Campaign
  • And Many more!…

Keep an eye out on our blog to see our weekly classes in action including inspirational stories from individual participants who started off as beginners that are now developing a love and passion for dance!  

If you would like to see our old blogs, Click any page you want on the right hand side! We hope you enjoy this journey with us..Thank you for reading! 

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