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Street Dance Superstars

Due to the Impact of the Corona Virus on all our lives, the UDOIT! Dance Foundation (supported by Sport Wales & Sport England) & the UDO Group have come together, to let everyone in the UK access our great online Streetdance Learning tool for Children for FREE! 

SDS has been developed as interactive, digital teaching tool suitable for all ages of primary school Children. Each video is taught by industry professionals, so you don’t need to have danced a day in your life to bring dance to your kids or classrooms!

There are currently 9 videos available to stream, plus warm up and warm down routines and tips, all themed by National Curriculum, and all include subject-specific vocabulary. The themes are engaging and the lessons are dynamic, with fun music and exciting characters. They include warm-ups, full lessons, and warm-downs, and are also suitable to use for short movement breaks in between lessons.

Street Dance Superstars is accessible to children of all abilities, and encourages every child to fall in love with Streetdance & physical activity.

Help your children gain confidence, learn new skills, and have fun with street dance!

If you are in the UK and want to get the full Street Dance Superstars product for free just click on the link below and fill in the form and a copy of SDS will be emailed to you Immediately: