Street Dance for Children

Street Dance is a great way to engage children in fun physical activity, that stimulates the mind & body helping to improve their physical and mental health. Street Dance can help improve co ordination, memory, musicality, strength and cardiovascular fitness, whilst harnessing their creativity, imagination & confidence. 

With no equipment needed other than music and some room to move, it is very quick & easy to set up at home to give your children a great experience through our online lessons. 

UDOIT Dance Foundation aim to inspire, engage and empower children & young people through Street Dance, in an environment that enables them to thrive with confidence and motivation to be physically active. Our delivery is tailored to bring out the best in the young people using music and movements that are relatable and achievable.

We work with delivery partners across England & Wales to develop school to community based satellite clubs that allow young people to experience street dance in a local venue that they know and trust, develop the confidence in Street Dance  and a relationship with the instructor, to then hopefully continue their Street Dance journey past the satellite club at the linked dance club.   

Our engagement sessions are held during curriculum time so every young person can experience what Street Dance is and whether it is something they would like to pursue further.

If you would like to get more information on being involved with UDOIT Dance Foundation, please don't hesitate to contact us:

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Street Dance Superstars:                                                                                      

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TikTok- What you know about love Dance                                                         Dua Lipa choreography with Vicky

*BiLingual* Welsh & English Hip Hop  2                                                                *BiLingual*  Hip Hop Foundations 1

Commercial with Vicky                                                                                              Locking with Vicky