A problem shared is a problem halved!

Tell us about anything that matters to you, whether it’s something bothering you at your session, someone to talk to when you are upset or some ideas on how to keep you and your friends happy!

Contact us at UDOIT! Dance Foundation using


Using the Internet and Social Media

If you are having some troubles involving the internet, clicking HERE will take you directly to a safe place where you can report any concerns or worries you are experiencing online. ThinkUKnow is a great website to visit if you would like to find the latest information on the sites you visit, mobiles and new technology. You can find out what’s good, what’s not and what you can do about it.


People You Can Speak To

Chatting to Childline can really help with any problems and worries you may have about yourself or a friend. There are online chats and forums on the Childline website, you can send them an email or you can call them on 0800 1111.


Take the UDOIT promise

Ensure you and your friends are happy at your sessions. Get everyone all in it together to make sure nobody is spoiling it for anyone else.



Nearly everyone is bullied at some time in their lives, but this should never mean that you should have to put up with it! You’ll find lots of things in the “Downloads” tab that give extra information, advice and help with bullying, inside and outside your dance class.

You can also visit Bullying UK by clicking HERE 


Self Confidence

Regular dance classes can help you be healthier, happier and more confident inside and out.

There are some great campaigns at the moment to help young people with any questions about self-confidence and body image:

Body Gossip – Get advice on self-confidence from well-known celebrities and other young people.

Young Women’s Health – This website provides lots of health information for teens.