Road To Worlds  2017 was a massive success.

The campaign focused on cycling a collective 11,000 miles which is the distance the dancers from New Zealand travelled to Glasgow to compete at UDO World Street Dance Championships 2017- AND WE DID IT!

this included our fundraising ambassadors doing a 24 hour cycle- Ouch! 

We would like to thank everyone who supported the campaign- you made such a difference! 

Read all about it here: 

  Press Release UDOIT and Teenage Cancer Trust 

What happened in 2018? 

This year UDOIT Fundraising ambassadors Brett and Lee walked “The Road To Worlds” from their hometown Plymouth to Glasgow, using steps they count only from UDO events. It is roughly 1.1 million steps each for them to do!!                 

After the great success and support from our 2017 campaign we are pleased to say we worked alongside Teenage Cancer Trust for 2018 as well, and all money raised will be split 50 / 50!

You can donate to Brett and Lee at UDO events, or on the Just Giving page: 

Last year the money raised helped Teenage Cancer Trust fund a specialist nurse for over 130 hours.

Let’s see what we can do this year!

You can also help the fund by taking part in 50/50 bingo sessions, bonus ball sessions and fun games the boys will be hosting.

Through Teenage Cancer Trust, YOUR donations can help fund the vital care for young people living with cancer. For example, £25 alone can pay for a young person to see a specialist nurse!

Find out more at

We thank you for all of your support for 2018. 

Through UDOIT! Dance Foundation, YOUR donations can help make street dance inclusive, removing barriers to ensure every young person has equal access to be active through street dance. Whether it’s making studios wheelchair friendly, taking street dance projects into areas of deprivation or training up young dance leaders- your donation makes a difference!

UDOIT! And The Road to World’s Fundraising Journey 2018!

Charity fundraisers Brett & Lee were on a mission with UDOIT! Dance Foundation and the Teenage Cancer Trust to change young people’s lives in 2018. Your participation in the bingos, raffles and events all played a huge part towards the Road to Worlds 2018 fundraising activities.

The Road to Worlds Fundraising Journey

Throughout 2018, fundraising ambassadors (and UDO dads Brett & Lee) set themselves a challenge to walk the equivalent in steps from their home town of Plymouth to the World Championships 2018 in Glasgow, forming the Road to Worlds campaign. Although they missed their target steps, they managed to walk an impressive 670,000 steps at our UDO street dance Championships, throughout the year.

As well as the countless hours of steps achieved, raffles and bingos were hosted at UDO championships and their local community centre to contribute towards the fundraising activities. Their hard work didn’t go by unnoticed, with Lee achieving runner up at the Woolwell centre ‘Fundraiser of the Year Awards.’ Lee was congratulated for his hard work in fundraising to change young people’s lives and also creating a social circle for his local community to play bingo!

Thanks to your help and kind donations this year, the fundraising activities raised a total of £5,000, which has been split between charities UDOIT! Dance Foundation and the Teenage Cancer Trust. The money raised funded 100 hours of nursing for the Teenage Cancer Trust( the equivalent to two and a half weeks!) allowing the Teenage Cancer Trust nurses to provide specialist care & support to young people with cancer. The money raised for UDOIT! Dance Foundation is now contributing towards the funding of projects in local areas, including free dance classes to allow the opportunity for young people to dance. These projects increase confidence, self esteem and the physical & mental wellbeing of young people.

We would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who donated and got involved with the 2018 Road to Worlds campaign.

The 2019 campaign will be launched soon.