It costs £20 for one hour of a Youth Support Officer

It costs £25 for one hour with a nurse who provides vital care

It costs £200 to allow a Family Support Network session to take place


We are trying to raise £10,000 for Teenage Cancer Trust & UDOIT Dance Foundaiton, to help change the lives of many young people.

To do this we are aiming to have clocked up 11,000 miles on the bike by the end of August, this is the distance that the furthest country will be travelling to come to the UDO World Championships in Glasgow.

It costs £250 for one young person to attend a weekend conference in Centre Parcs and meet other young people with cancer.. often for the first time

It costs £2000 to put on activities throughout one year by a Support Worker

£10,000 would mean 2500 students can be educated about the signs of cancer