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What is Street Dance?
Advice on getting through Lockdown:
How Street Dance helps mental health:

*NEW* TikTok Dance Tutorials:

Gimme Gimme- Chris Brown                                            What you know 'bout love

See Nobody- Wes Nelson

Street Fitness

Street Dance Cardio Warm Up                                         Street Fitness Routine- Juice by Lizzo

Street Fitness Routine- Wiggle by Jason Derulo          Street Fitness Class- warm up & routine with Jo Ali

Street Fitness Routine 2 with Jo Ali                                    Street Fitness Routine- Superbass

Street Fitness Routine- American Boy                               Street Fitness- Turn Up the Music


Cyflwyniad I dawns Hip Hop                                            Introduction to Popping with Harry


Introduction to Hip Hop                                                        Introduction to Grooves

Introduction to Locking                                                        Introduction to Popping

Bilingual Hip Hop 2


Breaking Workshop with Chris Rowe                                                                Tutting with Harry Barnes 

Beginner Parent & Child House Duo                                             

Beginner Commercial Routine                                           Beginner House with Brogan

Commercial with Vicky- Great for children!                     Breaking with Amber

Lefel Dechreuwr- Waving                                                     Beginner Popping/ Waving with Harry Barnes

Litefeet PT 2 with Mr Youtube                                                      Lefel Dechreuwr- Popping

LITEFEET PT1 with Mr Youtube                                                   Beginners Hip Hop with Jack

Beginners street dance- Jump Around                                  Beginners Locking with Vicky 

Beginners street dance- 24k Magic                                  Beginners Locking with Yaw- The Foundations

 Beginners Partner Dance                                                  Beginners Street dance with Big Kris

Beginners house with Belle Fisher                                 Beginners Street dance with Jo Ali

Beginners Street Dance with Kane Silver                       Beginners House with Brogan

Beginners Choreography- with Marcquelle                   Beginners Breaking- with Amber

Street Dance Superstars- Childrens Dance                   Beginners Hip Hop- Amber


Breaking with Chris & Jack                                                           LITEFEET combo 1 with Mr YouTube, Anna & Kat


Commercial with Vicky                                                     DUO routine with Afro Pierre

Intermediate Waacking with Vicky                                 Commercial with Shannon

Intermediate Commercial with Gemma                       Intermediate Choreography with Christopher D(pt1)

Intermediate Choreography with Christopher D (PT2) Intermediate Commercial with Shannon

Intermediate Choreography with Marcquelle

Intermediate Breaking with Amber                                 Intermediate House with Matthew


Intermediate Popping with Matthew                             Intermediate Breaking with Matthew

Intermediate Waacking  with Sinead                               Intermediate Hip Hop with Aaliyah

Intermediate Hip Hop with Ola & Chris                         Advanced Locking- Janet Jackson


Advanced Choreography with Vicky

Advanced Popping with Pierre                                        Advanced Locking with Yaw- Omar ft Zed Bias 

Advanced House choreography with Pierre

Advanced Locking- Bruno Mars                                     "This Is Hot" Choreography with Afro Pierre (part 1): 

This is Hot- Choreography with Afro Pierre- Part 2:   "This Is Hot" Choreography with Afro Pierre- PART 3



More lessons will be brought to the website very soon!

In the meantime, why not learn  some foundation steps and create your own routine out of the steps below! 




 Homework Sheets

Here are some pre made homework sheets you can use to assign these street dance routines to pupils as part of PE & Wellbeing.

UDOIT Dance Foundation Homework sheets based on online lessons:

(1) Introduction to Grooves   +  Feedback Template 

(2) Hip Hop Foundations  + Feedback Template

(3) Street Dance Choreography to 'Yummy' Justin Bieber 

(4) Street Fitness Warm up & routine- 'Juice' Lizzo  (Perfect for engaging women & girls)





UDOIT have been working with Paradance UK to provide inclusive dance lessons that are available and accessible for all! Sign up to the Paradance UK Newsletter where you will receive monthly/weekly tutorials that are suitable for everyone regardless of those with a disability. 


Paradance UK also has live tutorials weekly, to sign up please follow this link: