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UDOIT! Street Dance Taster Sessions in Stoke!

The #UDOIT! Dance Delivery team were in Stoke this Thursday with UDO Judge Kane Silver to run taster Street Dance sessions ahead of launching the UDOIT! programme this September.


Over 90 Primary School children from 8 schools in Stoke took part in the taster Street Dance sessions yesterday! They all had fun, warmed up, played games, learnt new steps and even battled! The atmosphere was amazing with dancers and teachers all telling us how much they want dance in their school… good news all around!

We also met 12 fantastic young leaders who we hope to work with over the Summer to mentor ready to take the reigns in the Stoke UDOIT! programme.


The UDOIT! programme is in Stoke from this September and consists of mentoring packs, the Dance Tots programme, UDO Street Dance Syllabus, Dance Leaders and Young Ambassador programme. We can’t wait! For more information on the UDOIT! programme or to get involved, contact or call 029 2079 9199

Support V Pushy

Support V Pushy

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 We know this article and video is a few years old but it is so right! Yes parents you should be supportive and be proud of your child’s sporting achievements but there is a difference between supportive and pushy.


A survey carried out last year found that 40% of children give up Sport because of their parents being too pushy, or negative if they do not achieve a medal! If you are a parent or guardian please listen to this and remember to pass on the right messages to your children so they learn correct values and sportsmanship.

#encourage #support #learn #dance #enjoy 

UDOIT! Are Recruiting!

The UDOIT! Dance Foundation is seeking an independent chair for its Board of Trustees. This voluntary position has the remit to help lead the organisation through its next period of growth, ensuring suitable governance and to support and influence the strategic direction of the organisation.

We are also seeking independent Trustees for the UDOIT! Board. These would be voluntary positions with the remit to help form and influence the direction of the organisation.

The ideal candidates for these positions will have an understanding of financial management, excellent communication skills, experience as Trustee or director of a company and an enthusiasm for social change.

Experience in Governance, Sport and or wider social impact sectors, Financial experience in not-for-profit organisations, Partnership building would also be beneficial.

Please click the link below for more details on the positions and how to apply!

About UDOIT!

UDOIT is a charitable body that was founded in May 2014 by the United Dance Organisation (UDO) who are a leading global dance organisation that seeks to harness the unique power of dance and in particular Street Dance to provide the very best competitions, education and life opportunities for everyone.

Click the link below to find out more!

UDOIT! Team Up With The Premier League!

The Premier League Kicks programme has been working hand in hand with the UDOIT Dance foundation getting young people active, making sure it is inclusive and accessible for all. This year was the first year that UDOIT! held a dance competition alongside the PL Kicks Cup tournament aiming to engage young supporters that may not be engaged in playing football.

Premier League Kicks is premierkicks2one of the Premier League’s flagship community programmes and is joint funded by Sport England.

5 of the Premier League teams; Manchester United, Wigan, Sheffield, Burnley & Stoke on Trent now have dance teams all of which took part in the UDOIT! Workshops and the dance competition held at the end of the day.

Nottingham was the venue as 77 teams and over 600 young people came to the city’s Recreation Ground for a celebration of the work the Premier League Kicks programme and UDOIT! carries out in local communities all year round.

The venue became a hive of activity as the players, representing 53 Premier League and Football League clubs, took part in an Under 16 mixed tournament and an Under 16 girls’ competition whilst the 6 dance teams representing their football clubs took part in workshops and competitions in the UDOIT! Dance tent.

Seasoned UDO Judges Chuck, Big Chris & Gemma hosted, judged and held workshops throughout the day which proved to be hugely popular. The dance event was a HUGE success, with more premier league teams interested in having a dance team to represent their football foundation in next year’s event.

By engaging young people in constructive activities including a wide variety of sports, coaching, music and educational and personal development sessions, communities up and down the country have been transformed with impressive participation rates and reports of up to 50% reductions in anti-social behaviour in the areas where the project is delivered.

“I really enjoyed joining in with the premier league kicks cup as it was a good experience for as and everyone was really supportive. My favourite part of the day was participating in the dance competition because it was a good confidence booster and I liked the workshops as I learnt some new dance moves.”
Abby Bardsley

“I thought the dancing in the premier leagues kicks was amazing and it boosted my confidence a lot. The best part of the day was performing because I felt like the judges and crowd liked it.”
Charlie Gelstrope

Stay tuned for next years UDOIT! Kicks Dance Competition that will be even bigger and better!


Where It All Began & Where We’re Heading

How It All Began

The very first UDOIT! Programme started in Thurrock, Essex. Close ties with the Essex Police and knowledge of the depravity and youth crime in the area prompted Jo Keane, UDOIT! Community Leader, to reach out to the Police Crime commissioner (PCC) for Essex with a proposal that would utilise street dance to boost youth community engagement and school attendance whilst lowering crime rates in the area.

Based around a successful model used by UDOIT! partners, Showcase The Street, the proposal aimed to lower crime rates through improving school and community engagement and using street dance as a diversionary tool with evening classes, as well as introducing street dance as an extra-curricular activity in schools to improve engagement amongst children with low attendance rates.

Throughout the last year UDOIT! Has successfully engaged with hundreds of young people in and around Thurrock, Essex. Working with children of all ages from primary schools, secondary schools and community/leisure centres, UDOIT!, along with our partners have received amazing feedback from the Thurrock community ensuring a second year of funding from the Essex PCC to continue our work into 2016.

How We Are Helping

UDOIT! aims to help as many young people as we can through providing a fun, healthy activity for them to take part in through Street Dance.

Some examples of how our work has helped young people re-engage include groups of girls refusing to take part in PE lessons now choosing to attend Street Dance classes twice a week. Now, as well as seeing the health benefits of regular physical activity, they are also attending school to take part in the after-school street dance classes provided by UDOIT! teachers.

Another UDOIT! success story saw a group of year 9 girls with low attendance and a history of disruptive behaviour take part in our after school Street Dance classes which saw them re-engage with school and continue to develop the skills they learned in our classes after leaving the year group. They now regularly dance with Jess, one of our UDOIT! teachers, at Blackshots Leisure centre.

We are also currently running in-school sessions at Ormiston Park, William Edwards and Gable Hall working with pupils who are usually disruptive during PE, including some students who were close to being excluded due to bad behaviour.

Below are a few testimonials from teachers we have worked with in Thurrock explaining how UDOIT! has helped their students.

“We have a number of African children in our school who have previously not integrated with other class members, but thanks to the UDOIT! programme being after school they have been allowed to stay behind and take the classes. We have seen a real improvement in their confidence and growth in their friendship circles.”

–          Ms L Nixon, St Mary’s Primary, Tilbury.

“We had a group of teenage males who would always gather around our Youth Club sessions and be a general pain to anybody who wanted to attend. When Demi first arrived to teach street dance the same males wolf whistled her and caused her some aggravation. Demi persisted and after a few weeks they started to engage with the dance and asked her to do some particular moves. They now engage each week with the sessions and the other members of the youth club.”

–          Ms T Luck, St Stephen’s Community Trust, Purfleet.

A group from one of our community sessions were even invited to perform at the PCC Annual Conference in February 2016. For many this was their first trip out of Thurrock and first time performing in front of an audience! They all did amazingly well and have gained the confidence to perform again and keep developing their Street Dance skills.



What’s Coming Next?

UDOIT! aims to continue running our programme in Thurrock where we will be working with more disengaged children, troubled families and students to improve engagement and attendance at schools and lower crime rates.

We are also working with our partners Active Essex to compliment work they are doing in the area including an annual dance competition for schools where the best of the best will qualify to our massive National Schools event.

We are also currently developing dance young ambassador programme alongside Youth Sport Trust which we will be rolling out in Thurrock in the coming months!


Next week find out what we are doing in Newport, South Wales…