ONLINE Competition July 2020


How it will work
- Create a video of a duo piece either by social distancing (1-2m apart) or via applications such as TikTok or picture frame apps.
- The video must be only 30 seconds long and can be to any song of your choice
- Video submission must be sent in by 5pm on Thursday 23rd July
- Duos that are through to the final will be contacted by 9pm on Monday 27th July
- The duos who made the top 12 will have to send in a new video to the song stated by UDOIT dance foundation, this must be in by 1pm on Thursday 30th July
- The judges will then watch all the top 12 videos, and place the top 7. The results will be announced live on Facebook 4pm on Friday 31st July.
- The 2 dancers must be living in the UK
- If 1 of the 2 dancers has experienced competing 4 or more times then the duo must enter the experienced category
- The duo must enter the category based on the oldest dancer, for example, if one dancer is in school year 8 and the other dancer is in school year 10, they would enter the Senior category.

AGE DIVISIONS: (Based on your current school year- ages 7-18 only)
PRIMARY- School Years 3-6 - Age 7-11
JUNIOR - school years 7-9- Age 11-14
SENIOR - School Years 10-13- Age 14-18

Beginner- 0-3 Competition experience of any kind
Experienced- 4 or more competition experience of any kind

To enter, please complete this form. The team will be in touch with you if we are missing any information.


If we are a new duo, but have experienced competitions before, could we enter beginner?
If you have only had 0-3 competition experience of any kind, then you would be in the beginner category. If one dancer in the duo has experienced 4 or more competitions, you must enter the experienced category.

Can we submit a duo that isn't performed together?
Yes! This can be done by filming the 2 dancers, and putting it together by a smart phone application. TikTok is very popular for creating duet videos, you can also use any other Frame applications that puts 2 dancer videos side by side.

Is there a cost to the competition?
No- this competition is free of charge!

Do we have to be from the same academic school?
For our duo competition it is not required for you to be from the same school. You also don't need to be based in the same dance school. All that we require is that the both dancers live in the UK.