'Why We Love To Dance'

Thursday, 14 February 2019  |  Admin

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Love To Dance 

We spoke to ‘Domin8′, A dance crew formed of 7 girls aged 13-17 from The Hwb, Torfaen to find out why they love to dance! These girls participate in weekly street dance session at their local youth club with our UDOIT Development Officer. The weekly sessions have been funded by the #IfYouGoIGo Campaign with Torfaen Sports Development. 

#IfyougoIgo is a campaign created by Torfaen Sports Development to encourage women and girls across Torfaen to be more active, more often. There are many benefits to living a healthy and more active lifestyle, however it’s not always as easy as it appears in magazines, social media or on television. The campaign is to engage women and girls to identify the main reasons that make it hard for them to take part in regular exercise and to help minimise those barriers to enable them to live a healthier lifestyle, So thanks to this amazing campaign, Domin8 have been able to engage in StreetDance classes and go on to win awards at local ceremonies & perform in local community events!

We caught up with these lot to find out what makes them so passionate about dance…

When we first began teaching Domin8, they all had loud, enthusiastic and confident personalities. However, for a lot of them they hadn’t participated in any sporting activities before so getting involved in a dance class was way out of their comfort zone. We asked why they got involved in these sessions to begin with and the majority of them felt it was nice to be “part of a group”. A lot of these girls go to the same school, but are all unique and have different interests so it was rewarding to see a group bond over something they all enjoyed doing. One of them said that she joined dance as a way to express herself and because she wanted to try something different and of course…Dance is a sport that is enjoyable to do with friends!

 When asked how being part of a dance team makes them feel, the responses included energised, happy, and that is feels good to be involved in something. The girls from Domin8 also said that being a part of a dancing community can be difficult at times due to the intensity of the routines but they love a challenge and reveal that its different to what they would usually do on a Wednesday evening. Since beginning to participate in dance 4 months ago, these girls have come a long way as a Team. In November, they had the opportunity to performance at the ‘Youth Service Awards Evening’. This was the first time they performed as a team and they were fantastic! They loved performing and there was a positive atmosphere when they came off the stage! You could see how proud they were and it was an experience they would never forget!



It doesn’t end there… During the awards evening, the girls won the ‘Community Participation’ award for contributing to the weekly Dance lessons. This gave them a huge amount of confidence and motivated them to continue to develop their passion for dance! Well Done Girls!

Since there first taste of performing, the girls are now preparing ANOTHER routine to showcase at a Dance Festival in July! They are excited & nervous… but thats what the world of dance is all about right? From now until July, these girls will be creating their own routine based on what they have learnt over the past 4 months with only a tiny bit of help from our Development Officer, just to guide them along the way.

From becoming part of a dance team, these girls have not just leant that dancing can keep you fit and healthy in a fun way, but it also improves life skills! They have developed commitment, passion, confidence, team building skills, communication and not to mention their time keeping skills have progressed massively (Yes, they arrive 15 minutes early before each session to prepare for the class!) Because of these skills, they can now lead a Warm up and Cool down each lesson all on their own!

The final question we asked the girls was “What do you hope to do in the future with dancing?” and their answers were inspiring.  They ALL stated that because they’re confidence has increased, they now want to start competing as a team and want to get involved in Battles & Dance Offs – Lucky for them, we are affiliated with the largest Street Dance events organisation (UDO) so our future aspirations is to get involved in them!

As well as developing their confidence as a competing team, these girls will also be gaining a level 1 or 2 qualification on Dance Leadership in 2019. This will give them the ability to lead their own dance classes and create choreography all by themselves!

4 months ago these girls didn’t get involved in any sports…And are now preparing for their 3rd performance as ‘Domin8’, looking to compete in UDO Championships and developing their leadership skills to become qualified dance coaches! That really does show how enthusiastic they are about dance and how much confidence it has given them.

So… Thats it from us but we hope you keep up to date with our blogs! If you love to dance then feel free to share your dance stories with us so we can share them! Why did you start Dancing? What do you love about it? – Don’t be shy, Let us know!