Coaching Programs


Sport Leaders UK Dance Leadership Qualification

Level 1: Age 12+ (1 hour leadership delivery required) 

Level 2: Age 13+ (10 hours leadership delivery required)

·        Enable students to become more confident and self-assured 

·        Equip students with experience needed for the next stage of their development 

·        Develop desired behaviour and character traits in students 

·        Support students Social, health and mental well being

·        Create cohorts of engaged leaders and role models throughout year groups 

·        Improve primary to secondary transition through increased collaborative opportunities 

·        Greater community provision links 

The level 2 Dance Leadership qualification contains the following units:

Unit 1- Developing Leadership Skills

Unit 2- Plan, Lead & Evaulate dance sessions

Unit 3- Assist in planning & leading a dance activity event

Unit 4- Dance choreography

Unit 5- Lead dance activity sessions

With 10 hours leadership to be completed after the course in school / community setting. 

Once completed the course, any participants aged 16+ will be able to lead dance sessions unsupervised. Any leaders under the age of 16 must have adult supervision.