We wanted to gather some insight from our participants about how StreetDance makes them feel.

Here are some of the key headlines


Cerys from Caerphilly has gone on an inspirational journey over the last 12 months, from being an active participant in the UDOIT programme in her school to now leading the after school dance club & becoming a street dance Young Ambassador! 

“I started with UDOIT after they set up a class in my school. As a keen street dancer I attended every week and eventually was asked to take over the running of the class after around a year. This opportunity has improved my confidence massively, something that I would have never considered before became an exciting task. I felt that this role made me a more confident, independent person overall and it has helped me in all aspects of my life. I was able to learn new skills such as leadership, communication, and other valuable, essential skills that aid me in my school life and dance life. I was presented with many exciting opportunities with the help of UDOIT and was able to take these roles and qualifications that I would otherwise never have had the chance to do. Becoming a Gold Young Ambassador has been one of my proudest achievements. Overall after over a year of leading the Rhymney Comprehensive School class I am a more confident leader and person. I really enjoy teaching and helping other young people like myself become active through dance. Watching the girls improve every week gives me a sense of pride and I know that if I can help others by leading dance, hopefully I can get my attendees to do the same in the future. Without the help of UDOIT and the initial decision to set up a class which would then be passed on to me, I would never have the confidence, experience and weekly enjoyment that I do today. I hope that after I leave school one or more of the young people I teach will receive the help from UDOIT to gain confidence and lead street dance as I did.” 


Check out Cerise’s journey , she has been helping change the lives of young people living in Machester through StreetDance!

“My name is Cerise Minott and I’m going to explain my experience partnering with UDOIT and how it has all changed me and my perspective as a teacher.

When I first started out teaching for UDOIT at youth centres I was a bit apprehensive about it as they wasn’t really keen on dance, but as I continued to teach the young people I started to realise a big change in the children I taught and myself as a teacher.

The biggest changes I noticed in the young people were there progress in street dance, as in I continued to teach them week after week, they became more and more comfortable which was great for me to see as a teacher, because for me to make young people more interested in dance and wanting to be more socially active was one of my main goals and was quite important for me to achieve from a teacher’s perspective.

The biggest change I noticed in myself as a teacher was how it has changed my life completely! As in from this journey with UDOIT it has taught me a lot of new things. Such as, it has made me learn how to interact and communicate to young people, in a way they still respect me as the teacher but without me being to harsh on them as they are beginners at this sport. As a teacher the last thing I would want to do is make them loose their passion for dance such early on.

Teaching has also helped me develop on my dance knowledge further which has benefited me substantially!

Another thing is that, I was recently lucky enough to get a job teaching more young people at the company I already dance at (The Aim Sky High Company) which I am so grateful for because one of the great things I love about teaching is that I can pass the knowledge and skill I have learnt from dance to dancers who are just starting out in their journey, which in the long run will benefit them as dancers, especially if they decide to follow along/ further their career as a dancer to the dance world it will teach them a lot of new things which will be very useful later in there stage of dancing. Or if that isn’t the case it would still be great to have that knowledge known in your head because one day you might pass it on to someone else which would most likely find it useful which is always good for you, yourself and other people.

Thank you for giving me this amazing opportunity!”


“The impact that UDOIT! Dance Foundation has had on Blaenau Gwent has been phenomenal – They have engaged with 3 out of 4 Secondary Schools in Blaenau Gwent and empowered more than 250 girls. With limited dance opportunities in the area, UDOIT! Dance really has been a breath of fresh air for Blaenau Gwent; providing regular dance opportunities for hard to reach, inactive girls. Natalie, Greg and Lucy have encouraged and inspired a host of teenage girls and mentored dancers in to leaders to create a robust and sustainable pathway. 2 out of the 3 schools recently competed in the Welsh National Schools Street Dance competition in Cardiff which was a FANTASTIC opportunity for the dancers – They were in complete awe of the day. We can’t thank UDOIT! Dance enough for the work that they have done in Blaenau Gwent.” – Hannah Winmill, Aneurin Leisure


Pen-Y-Bont Primary School in Bridgend integrated StreetDance workshops as part of their Health & Well- Being week. Over 200 pupils in KS2 ALL took part in StreetDance sessions and all LOVED IT! All Boys & Girls fully participated regardless of ability or previous experience. At the end of the day all 200 pupils performed their dance on the yard to the foundation phase pupils and all teachers!

The school had previously held a fundraising event in the local town selling customised t-shirts that the children had made, they were promised that the profit would go to something for the pupils to use. After the success of StreetDance in their Health & Well- Being week, the money was used on a speaker to use at break & lunchtimes to do StreetDance! The pupils have been given the responsibility to look after the speaker.


Maesteg Comprehensive school took 1st place in the Welsh National Schools & 1st place in the UK National schools final!

The school have StreetDance firmly embedded throughout school life after seeing the positive affect on these pupils. 

Read more here: http://www.maestegcs.bridgend.sch.uk/project/dance-troupe-champions/

Check out this clip that featured on ITV Wales News



Chainfam Dance Company helped us inspire young people who come from living in areas of poverty, by giving them streetdance opportunities at the StreetGames MultiSport Festival which was held in the prestigious Principality Stadium!

Over 2500 young people from areas of deprivation came to experience lots of different physical activities, which they may never otherwise get the chance to try! 

Chainfam performed infront of the stadium which inspired many young people to come give it a go. 

These young people gave up their summer holiday time to come deliver and share their passion for StreetDance!