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Launched in 2014 the UDOIT! Dance Foundation believes in giving disadvantaged children the opportunity to participate in, and benefit from Street Dance as way of becoming active and building confidence and self esteem.

Working with partners such as UDO AcademySport Wales, Sport England, Exercise Movement Dance (EMD) and Street Games (to name a few), we encourage the participation in street dance and assist in removing barriers preventing any child from dancing.

UDOIT! aims to ensure that dance is a diversionary tool that helps to re-engage young people back in to education, assist with reducing offending and re-offending rates, reduce truancy (especially from PE lessons) and provide physical activity for young people to keep them healthy, both mentally and physically.

So, how do we do this?

UDOIT! provides programmes which enable children and adolescents to actively engage in dance within their communities, and this is done by providing free/reduced fee dance classes right at their doorsteps!

This is, by no means, to compete with local dance schools in these areas, but to provide a platform and stepping stone which introduces these children to street dance and therefore allows them to join dance schools and/or attend other dance classes once they feel comfortable and confident.

Read more about our current programmes here.

As well as providing these programmes, we implement a Street Dance Young Ambassador Programme which trains young adults in becoming Street Dance Leaders within their schools and/or communities.

Finally, UDOIT! Dance Foundation hosts the National Schools Dance Championships, an annual event for academic schools within the UK. This is a fantastic opportunity for dancers who only dance for one hour a week with a PE teacher to showcase their work to family and friends in a platform that is not off-putting or too overwhelming for them. It is also a platform in which they can participate in dance workshops and learn from top industry professionals.

See more information here.

To discuss how your dance school can get involved in what we do, volunteer with UDOIT! Dance Foundation, or partner up with us, please contact getinvolved@udoitdance.co.uk or call 029 2079 9199.